Library books
The College has a well furnished library facility with a vast reading room that provides a conducive environment for full concentration of all its user. The library provides latest and up to date reading material. The library has a large collection of books, the total number of books in library are 17500 (apporx.) lncluding text-books and reference books classified and easily accessible.The library is enriched with following Journals, Reporters and Periodicals.

  • Press Vani All India Reporter from 1950
  • Criminal Law Journal The Indian Law Institute Journal
  • Crimes The Practical Lawyer
  • Rajasthan Law Weekly The Rajasthan state Current Statutes
  • Rajasthan Criminal Decisions Nyayadeep
  • Indian Bar Review Vidhi Bharti
  • Current Civil Cases University News
  • Lawyers update PraatiyogitaDarpan
  • Foreign Journals
  • India Today

Rules for Library and Reading room

  • All regular students of the college are entitled to borrow permitted number of books from library. Books will be issued only on production of Identity card duly signed by The Principal.
  • Identity-card is non-transferable. Any misrepresentation will be punishable.
  • Student should not carry any book or printed material inside the library Stack room.
  • Silence and decorum should be maintained in the library.
  • Every student must posses his identity-card while entering the library.
  • Students who fail to return books on due date shall be liable to fine.
  • Reference books may be issued to the students and staff members for reference and study in the library premises only.
  • Non-members are not allowed to utilize the library except with the permission of the Principal.
  • Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Responsibility to maintain the books issued lies on the student.
  • No Books will be issued after the issue of No-Dues Certificate.